Great portable Oil Filled Radiator

Use an Oil Filled Radiator for heating a large room

One of the best things I have bought this year. The Prem-I-Air 2.5kW Oil Filled Radiator heats up the garden office a treat. Gets the place so warm we have it on timer as it can be overbearing, and that’s on the low setting. Makes no noise when it is on which is a major bonus. The timers are even easy to use so you save a bit more money.

I love my Normande Lighting Bankers Lamp


Normande Lighting AM3-624A Bankers LampNormande Lighting AM3-624A Bankers Lamp

I love lighting. We have some antique lamps, and some replicas. This item fits right in. It’s solid, elegant and well made. Even the chain fob is weighty, lending substance to the experience of turning it on. The shade is glass. While the lamp needs simple assembly, no tools are required. I like it!