A Tyre Inflator that Works great, and is easy to use


Polco 59554 Rapid Digital Tyre InflatorA Tyre Inflator that Works great, and is easy to use

I have always carried a foot pump or compressor, however with changing cars there was no back up in the boot when I needed it.

The Polco 59554 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator works great, easy to use, fits in the spare wheel well, so is always with me (unlike my bulky foot pump), it got a buddy out of trouble when he got a slow puncture and he immediately bought one for himself.

A Shipping Scales that Weighs accurately


Accuteck Postal ScaleA Shipping Scales that Weighs accurately

A postal scale is one of those items that doesn’t necessarily get a lot of use, but proves handy to have around when knowing the exact weight of a package and/or letter, or even just weighing an item to get an idea of how much it would cost to ship it, is needed. While there are a ton of options available for consumers, the Accuteck Postal Scale is definitely a strong option to consider, especially if you frequently send out packages and/or anything that requires more than one stamp.

A Powerful Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand 231CA Powerful Air Impact Wrench

I needed a impact wrench for rotating my tires. Originally I bought a Harbor Freight Special…… and it wouldn’t turn the lug nut. I bought this baby with my money from a bonus at work and I am very happy.

The Ingersoll-Rand 231C rotated my tires this weekend without a problem! It cmes with high torque, fast, easy on and off with sockets/extensions, and quality construction. It even *sounds* good when you use it. The many professionals who rave about the 231C are right about quality, durability and price.

Great portable Oil Filled Radiator

Use an Oil Filled Radiator for heating a large room

One of the best things I have bought this year. The Prem-I-Air 2.5kW Oil Filled Radiator heats up the garden office a treat. Gets the place so warm we have it on timer as it can be overbearing, and that’s on the low setting. Makes no noise when it is on which is a major bonus. The timers are even easy to use so you save a bit more money.

A Thermometer Every Family Should Have


Braun Thermoscan Ear ThermometerOur Accurate Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

So fast, easy and accurate! Don’t waste your money on any other type! Our toddler likes it so much she asks to play with it instead of cry like she did with our interchangeable tip one we used to have.
A very good thermometer that every family should have one!

My Travel Iron is a Life Saver

SteamFast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam IronSteamFast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

Life saver when you are traveling. It’s very small and you don’t even notice it in your baggage, unlike the regular ones that are very large and troublesome. It is also much easier to maneuver around and it gets in between areas really well. I don’t use the steam part. I spray water from a bottle onto my clothes, and use this on the highest setting for most items. Works like a charm.

The days of shoving a pair of scissors inside of my nose is finally over


Panasonic ER421KC TrimmerMy Panasonic ER421KC Trimmer

Panasonic has done the mankind a favor by inventing this much needed gizmo, though no man with any pride would admit to buying or even needing this device. The device is very well designed, it turns out.

The tip is small and very smooth to touch, and you can actually press the tip to inside of your nose without any discomfort. The noise and vibration is minimal, and the small spinning disc (enclosed inside the metal cage) cuts very well, with no discomfort. The device itself is small and comfortable to hold.

Getting an Egg Cooker is a No Brainer

West Bend 86628Getting an Egg Cooker is a No Brainer

The West Bend 86628 works great to hard boil and soft boil eggs. It is so simple to use. Just decide if you want your eggs hardboiled or soft boiled, then measure the applicable amount of water with the attached measuring cup. The cup also has a sharp point to puncture the eggs before cooking to prevent green yolks.

Perfect eggs every time. Used to hate making them because it took forever waiting for water to boil etc… THIS is a no brainer!

I’m no soldering expert


Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering StationThe Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

I’m no soldering expert and will only be using the station occasionally, but by following the instructions to the tee, I was able to complete several small projects. It performed just as advertised. If you’re new at soldering, just follow the instructions and I think you’ll be very happy with the Weller WLC100 Soldering Station.

Replacing my old Electric Pencil Sharpener


School Smart Vertical Pencil SharpenerMy new School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener

This is the best electric pencil sharpener ever! I bought this sharpener because my old one made a horrible squealing noise. This one is not super quiet, but it works SO fast that it doesn’t create a big disturbance. The pencil shaving chamber is very easy to snap out and empty and then snap in again for the next time around.